About me

Leah Kay Rossi

I don’t believe in coincidences.  You are reading this blog for a reason.  It could have been a series of events that led you to right here and right now.  For that I am grateful.  The true life stories, lessons and information contained in this blog were gained from thousands of hours of listening, research and of course real life experiences. 

Working in a large public institution for over 18 years, the “chair” in my office became a special, confidential space where people felt safe.  I listened as they trusted me with their worries, heartache and hopes.  These people included the public I served daily, hundreds of co-workers, acquaintances and friends.

My reputation grew as the go-to person and I was known for being the unofficial site “psychologist”.  Helping others feel better is an honor.  Wanting to continue to help others is what propelled me to write articles and a book in progress. The countless true life stories shared become the catalyst.

I write from observing and living authentic experiences and thrive on “real” in person interactions. My writing spans over 20 years and continues to evolve as life does.

In addition, my own relationship experiences led me to a place of self-realization, acceptance and impactful change.  This came after recognizing a variety of issues that impacted many others decision making processes along with my own.  These realizations become the turning point for change. The issues included a lack of knowledge, negative childhood experiences and relationship role models. 

Navigating these issues can make choosing a suitable partner and having a healthy relationship more challenging.  Even without these challenges building a solid relationship takes time, patience and trust.  Finding out your compatibility in the areas of; deep core values, social preferences, finances, sex and children can help build a strong foundation.

My upcoming interactive book journey (title TBD) will include:

  • Hundreds of Realistic, Thought-Provoking Questions
  • In Depth Compatibility Topics
  • Love Lists
  • Deal Breakers
  • Real Life Situational Scenarios
  • True Real Life Relationship Stories
  • Top 5 Red Flags
  • Recognizing Red Flags and Removing Denial Goggles

Book Copyright 2018 TXu2-038-866

(TBD book title) is a blueprint for learning in depth what you truly want, need and why in your partner and relationship.   Knowing  your  wants, needs and whys will help you make positive choices based on the self-discovery and knowledge gained from this interactive book journey. 

No part of this website may be copied in part or whole without written consent from LeahKayRossi (copyright 2019)